Tuesday, March 28, 2006


As I am off to Vizag after a long time, this blog will mostly contain pictures. Also, nothing much happened at this place other than the fact that the group had their first fill of fish. The only trouble was that the portions were too tiny. Each person could only get a small piece. Unlike other resorts, this one touts itself as an ayurvedic one, and hence stipulates food orders atleast 4 hours in advance. So RJ had to apologise and promised that the next meal will have more fish!

The place that we stayed was bang opposite the backwaters. Those of you who watch Nehru Cup, the snake race starts exactly at this point.

View from resort

I had lots of pending work to do so excused myself from most of the city outings. Actually, I was not too eager to join them after RJ told me that there is nothing much to do. This was surprising considering that Laurie Baker, the famous architect had written an entire booklet comparing Alleppey to Venice. I wished I had it then. Since I was not in the city and since I slept early, I woke up early to watch the sun come up.


The first rays of the sun

The sunrise

The sun-kissed verandah

Sun-kissed Tharavad

Sun @ small aperture

The lawns in front of the backwaters

Some time in the afternoon I went for a walk around the resort and then met RJ for lunch at India Coffee House.

At the pond


Other than the fact that this is now a cooperative venture owned by the people working in it, there is nothing spectular. As I walked back to the resort, some of the group members were sitting out in the lawns watching the water world go by.

Public transport

House-boat @ the jetty

While it is nice and quieter during the day, it is unbelievable during the early and late parts of the day. The backwaters is filled with house-boats going into the Vebanad lake and back. The continous sound of the motors can take the fun out of a holiday. For some of the group members who had their rooms close to the water, it did.

The way to relax (its not me)

Relax (Take 2)

This is life!!

Actually before the tour started, I was sure Alleppey would be the best and the group will talk a lot about it. But it was not so, while it was the most expensive place we stayed in, it was certainly not the best. There were niggling details that made the stay a tad uncomfortable, atleast for RJ and me as we had to drop names just so that the staf behaves properly. Really, it is not the place that makes a great holiday, it is the people who run it who can make an ocean of difference.


Anonymous said...

finally you come out with some pictures, but that sexy shot of that water lily doesn't really look like food to me. Where are the food shots?

i agree, that Alapuzha isn't at its best when it comes to being a touristy spot. The backwaters do all the magic and the boat/hotel/ tour operators just ride along for the money with not a care for how the service is provided. But again one shouldn't be complaining, its the cheapest and the nearest Venice we as commoners can get to. :)

I liked the last picture!

bilbo said...

love love love the pics. Hate the fact that the wires/cables mar the sunshine sunrise pics but they are so beautiful otherwise. The lotus pics were divine and man I want to be in the place of that guy lounging around.

But imp, stop testing mah patience. :D
where are the food pics
you should have taken a few shots of the fish man.

this was a food trip right ?

gjikv came up for ur word verification and I want some gjs now :((

bottled-imp said...

guys, let me dissapoint you'll. i have not made a single picture of food. can search and put up some similar pics

r said...

chalbagunidi suresh
for a person like me who has never visited my neighbouring state,
it has made me rush to my travel agent

good pics